Friday, November 29, 2013

Take a Holiday

I don't have a holiday planned anytime soon but I am now the proud owner of a holiday dress. Just as good? Maybe not. Especially not as look at the strange spots in the navy background that appeared after washing this fabric. Hopefully everyone is just going to look at the cute deck chairs and not notice...

So this is of course the By Hand London Anna Dress pattern. Size US16, Slash Neck and Midi Length and made up in "Take a Holiday" cotton poplin from Spotlight. Just to practice, I french seamed this dress and I am really taken with how neat it looks. 

I was wrangling with the neck facings on this dress when I saw Amy's latest beautiful Anna and read that she used bias binding on the neckline. I promptly ripped off the facing and used some ready made bias binding I had. So glad I did as it feels nicer and lighter than my muslin's neckline. That is important with Summer being one day away.

Not to confuse anyone, I am wearing an underskirt here. 

Also, yes, this is my backyard.

I spent ages pattern matching these chairs on each panel until I got to the last one and ran out of fabric! A bit heartbreaking. My next Anna will be in a solid colour! Well, nearly, it is black with hot pink spots! 

I just cant stop thinking about making Anna Dresses!


  1. I thought I was 'following' your blog and that you just weren't posting much and now I realise that I have been missing all of these lovely posts!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences with the Anna dress... I never end up wearing anything I make so I don't really make any clothes. however this is a really lovely fit on you and something I could wear to work so I may have to give it a go one day!

    Looking forward to catching up on Sunday!

    1. Oh yes, Sarah! Make her soon, I say. I have started my third now and already have plans for another two after that! I think Anna is perfect for work, rest and play :)

  2. This is lovely - I'm looking forward to making my first Anna - soon, I hope!

    1. Thank you so much! I look forward to seeing yours!