Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Happy Homemade

Overall, I have had a good experience working with the Japanese pattern book Happy Homemade Vol 2 (Japanese print version). I did nearly go out and buy the English version of this book while I was making the trial version of the following shorts...I just could not work out how the faux fly was meant to be sewn! I ended up skipping that step in these shorts as is a faux fly really necessary?! I'm quite sure it is easy so will figure it out another time.

Sure turned out to be a cute outfit!

This little shirt is the "q" shirt from the book. I used a 57%Bamboo, 40% Cotton, 3% Lycra blend fabric from Potters Textiles here in Perth with Robert Kaufman Railroad Denim Deluxe cotton in Denim for the yoke, collar and pockets. The pattern does not come with pockets but I added them (I used the back pockets from the shorts pattern) as I thought the shirt looked a bit formal without.

These below are the "l" shorts which I made up in a blue drill from Spotlight with the Robert Kaufman Denim for the pockets. 

I am happy with how this outfit turned out and I think it fits my brief of simple, stylish and comfortable.


  1. I love this outfit - especially those shorts!

    I wished we'd had a chance to chat at Brown Owls this morning. It was a pretty hectic meeting actually. Will have to catch-up next time!

    1. I know! I stuck myself in one spot and should have mingled more. Will talk next time :)