Friday, October 18, 2013

Kids Clothes Week

My intention for this second post was to only tell you about my plans for Kids Clothes Week but I have been wowed today and need to share...

My daily dose of Bloglovin brought to my attention a Design Sponge post about an incredible papercut artist, Myriam Dion. Myriam cuts lace-like patterns from old newspapers to create these mind-blowing pieces.Just look at this!

Incredibubble! What I'm creating seems so insignificant...

Ok, Kids Clothes Week! I think a challenge is what this new blog needs so I am jumping in headfirst. The premise is to "Work on making clothes for kids one hour each day for a week". I would like to take the challenge up a notch by saying I will do at least that. 

Being serious now, I aim to make:
and if the week is not already up by then:
That is at least five items of clothing in a week!

Watch out fabric stack!

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