Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Small Fry Skinny Jeans

Meet my new favourite pants pattern for kids: Small Fry Skinny Jeans by Titchy Threads!

I had seen a whole heap of great versions of these pants around and was eager to give them a go as J suddenly only had two pairs of pants that fit.  Laura from Titchy Threads (also at Craftstorming) has generously made the Size 2 pattern a free download so I decided to try out this pattern as the measurements fit my slim-hipped three and a half year old. 

I used the instructions from the Small Fry Skinny Jeans Sew Along on Craftstorming to construct these jeans.  The instructions are among the best I have used and include very clear photos.  I did not have one head-scratching moment during construction and it was the first time I had sewn a half fly and adjustable waistband.

I love how these jeans are skinny, but not too skinny and while giving the appearance of low-riders, have a decently high waistband at the back. The adjustable waistband is a real winner for me also.

I used a dark navy denim from Spotlight with a cute animal flannelette for the pocket lining, fly guard and waistband facing.

The second pair are made from a green corduroy, also from Spotlight.

Perfect length pants!

Uh Oh! Anybody spotted a problem yet??  In my first post, I boldly stated that nobody should be scared of corduroy... well, I still stand by that...BUT, one should be wary of a little thing called nap.  Corduroy is an example of fabric with nap which usually has a pile and will look different shades from different angles.  When cutting out a pattern, all the pattern pieces should lie in the same direction.   I was at my sewing class when I cut these pants out and was probably too busy talking rather than noticing what I was cutting.  I folded my fabric cut edge to cut edge rather than selvage to selvage, trying to conserve fabric.  The top piece was ok but the bottom piece was upside down.

Ah well, hopefully I only make this mistake once.  The shading difference in these pants is not too noticeable in real life and J certainly doesn't mind.

Thumbs up for Small Fry Skinny Jeans! 

Good for sitting around...

And great for scooting!

PS. The top that J is wearing in these photos is an un-blogged Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew out of two different knit fabric remnants from Potters Textiles.


  1. These look fantastic! Love them both, but particularly the green ones. Think I'll have to make my boys some next winter.

    1. Thanks Emma! Its a great pattern and I will definitely be making more next winter too :)